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Foiled door leaves Virgo

Virgo 1
Virgo 1
Virgo 2
Virgo 2
Virgo 3
Virgo 3
Available versions
  • Virgo 1

  • Virgo 2

  • Virgo 3

Construction details: 
frame made of MDF board,
filling: honeycomb or perforated chipboard ,
frame including filling is coated with HDF boards on both sides,
door leaf is wrapped into ENDURO finish foil,
side edges and upper edge are wrapped into finish foil,
side surfaces and upper surface covered with finish foil,
the door leaf can be shortened by up to 50 mm,
rounded edges of door leaves,
width of single doors - 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm
width of double doors - from 1200 mm to 2000 mm
Door leaf dimensions: 
dimension width in overlap (mm) width including rabbet (mm) height (mm)
Accessories included in the door frame price: 
lock 72 mm for standard key, WC lock or cylinder lock
screw-in pivot hinges – 2 pcs ( 3 pcs in doors “90”), color – white zinc (silver)
glass “satinato” in case of glazed doors
Accessories available at extra charge: 
Accessories net price gross price
  Perforated chipboard filling----
  Additional hinge in door leaves in width from “60” to “80”----
  Door leaf made in non-rebated version (for sliding system)----
  Charge for double doors----
  Cylinder lock insert----
  Ventilation sleeves----
  Door leaf in width “100”, “110”----
Additional comments: 


Door leaves available in bidirectional foils


Wood grain directions (scheme) Sposób okleinowania - dwukierunkowy


Grey Oak B476
Oak Eterno B474
Walnut Duro B473
White B490
Beech B136
Oak B224
Walnut B339
Coimbra B402
Cedar Forte B462
Ebony B406
Chestnut B288
Elm B373