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INVADO - Leader of New Technologies 2012




With its patented INVADO technology, which is an innovative method of door leaves’ foiling consisting on connecting of foils out of the edge of the rebate, the Company INVADO owes its title of  Leader of New Technologies 2012.


"Leader of New Technologies 2012" is a nationwide program organized by NEW TECHNOLOGIES company. It aims to honor companies that create market trends, promote a modern, safe and functional housing, and thus serve for the development of the whole construction industry.


These Polish companies, which have implemented in the last year an innovative product, care about the environment, apply innovative solutions in the management or use the latest technology in the production process, can apply for the title of Leader of New Technologies 2012 in the construction industry.

Established Organizing Committee of the program New Technologies 2012 carefully studied activities of the proposed companies and analyzed the material submitted. A decision of members of the Committee, the title "Leader of New Technologies 2012" was awarded to INVADO, one of the fastest growing manufacturers of doors, door frames and skirting boards, for the implementation of new technologies and innovation in the production process.

The title of Leader of New Technologies 2012, which we have been awarded,  is extremely valuable, as one of the main objectives of the company INVADO is continuous and constant development. This nationwide award on the one hand requires us to continue intensive work, on the other - incentives us for continuous improvement of manufactured products and services - says Andrzej Majchrzak, vice president of INVADO. We promise to continue to invest in the implementation of new technologies in our production process - adds A. Majchrzak.