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New technologies presented at the BATIMAT fair

During this year’s Batimat fair in Paris, we presented the latest products to be introduced into our range already at the beginning of 2020. We have been able to do this thanks to our expanded production line, which offers brand new technological capabilities.

– The offering of INVADO available from the following year will even better meet the needs of our customers – announced the export director of INVADO, Jarosław Kaczorowski. In addition to the doors manufactured using the so-called INVADO Technology, the product range will also include straight-edged doors, doors in the soft-forming version, non-rebated doors with invisible hinges and universal non-rebated doors. The primary advantage of universal doors is that they are not divided into right-hand and left-hand doors. The opening direction can be selected by the customer at the time of installation.

However, the changes do not end here. The new production line will also enable the company to apply any type of foil to its doors. All doors made on that line will be available with every type of foil available in the INVADO range. – Both in foils intended for private buyers who are looking for economical solutions and for any customer who is interested in doors with an increased resistance class and, finally, for anyone who requires premium doors, i.e., doors dedicated to public buildings, with a high resistance class – emphasises J. Kaczorowski.