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New decor group of POLIPROPYLENE (PP)

We are pleased to announce that our door offering has just been enriched with new polypropylene foils named B739 – White Matte, B726 – Black Matte, B741 – Graphite Matte, B743 – Narbonne Oak, B744 – Flagstaff Oak, and B742 – Catania Oak. By providing an even greater selection and unique patterns, we enable our customers to customize doors according to their individual preferences.

The new polypropylene foils we are introducing to our range represent the highest quality and aesthetics, ensuring durability and a stylish appearance. Through the use of polypropylene, our doors become more resistant to damage, scratches, and the effects of moisture, which translates to their long-lasting durability.

Introducing our new patterns of polypropylene foils:

  1. B739 – White Matte: Simple elegance of white in a matte finish that complements any interior, adding lightness and modernity.
  2. B726 – Black Matte: An exclusive choice for those who wish to introduce a touch of mystery and elegance to their home.
  3. B741 – Graphite Matte: Infuse an industrial character to your doors by selecting this modern graphite shade in a matte finish.
  4. B743 – Narbonne Oak: The natural charm of Narbonne Oak brings warmth and coziness to your space while maintaining the durability of the polypropylene foil.
  5. B744 – Flagstaff Oak: Elevate your doors with the elegant Flagstaff Oak pattern, introducing a noble character to your interior.
  6. B742 – Catania Oak: The wooden allure of Catania Oak will make your doors a central point in the room, adding natural beauty.

The introduction of these new polypropylene foil patterns is the result of our continuous efforts to improve products and respond to the changing needs of our customers. We take pride in offering them even greater diversity and the ability to create doors that reflect their individual style and taste.

We invite all interested parties to explore our updated door collection featuring new polypropylene foil finishes.