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Skirting Boards

Installation system

Installation system

 We offer three installation systems. Some skirting boards can be fixed to the wall with mounting adhesive or silicone. To improve the functionality of the most popular skirting models we created the system of fixing clips. On the backside of the...

Floor Profiles are produced on the basis of MDF board wrapped with special foils with high resistance to abrasion. They can be used in areas of low and medium traffic. Their biggest advantage is the competitive price and woodgrain colors. Profiles are mounted in special chanels, bolted to the floor with screws and dowels. Thus in the case of renovation can be easily removed and installed again.

View full catalogue of skirting boards in PDF format (3,8 MB)

Available Colours

Our collection is currently over 300 decors. They are usually similar to the decors of most popular laminated floorings. Profiles for parquet and other wooden floors we wrap with natural veneers. On special requests we can order a new foil by one of our suppliers. It requires an agreement with the client that the whole ordered quantity will be used for his orders.

Accessories for skirting boards

The system of accessories enables fast, simple and effective installation of the most popular profiles. The offer includes: inner corners, outer corners, connectors, right and left endings. Accessories are available in two versions - uni colors and printed with wood structure, matching the most popular skirting decors. The accessories are designed to hide the cables and wires beneath.