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The doors are sometimes described as rebated or non-rebated. What does this mean? If you want to make sure that the doors you choose meet your expectations, you might want to become a bit more familiar with these terms.

Rebate, meaning…?

When you look at the side of the door, where you insert the cylinder with the lock, you will notice a characteristic offset. This is what causes the door to cover a part of the frame when it is closed – this is the part referred to as rebate. That is how rebated doors are designed. Non-rebated doors, also referred to as square-edged doors, have a square edge, without any offsets. When you close them, they form a single plane with the frame.

drzwi przylgowe

Rebated doors

These are the conventional models, which have always been used in our homes. In rebated doors, the so-called rebate is invisible after they are closed. The part you can see, however, are the hinges, which makes the door look more conventional. They are not flush with the frame, making them more noticeable.

drzwi bezprzylgowe

Non-rebated doors

When closed, non-rebated doors are flush with the frame, which makes them suitable for modern and minimalist fit-outs. A non-rebated frame is a solution you choose if you aim for maximum simplicity, which is why they are perfectly suited for, e.g., minimalist interiors. Non-rebated doors will also be a fine choice in small apartments or narrow corridors, because they visually enlarge the space, making it seem more airy.

The rebate, or the absence thereof, significantly affects the visual effect of the installed doors, which is why you should closely examine both versions to eventually select the variant that best answers your needs.